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Tauhindauli Park provides a wide variety of recreational options that can be used for fun and to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Park. The Park lies tucked away in the canyon with a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags. The area is ideal for all kinds of recreational activities including biking, running, walking, fishing, swimming, kayaking and picnicking. The Park's recreational facilities accommodate people of all ages and the Park has handicapped access throughout.

The Parkís bike access consists of a multiuse trail, Upper Soda Springs Road and the area surrounding the Park. The riding in the Park is smooth, calm and for all ages. Since all riding in the Park is done on pavement, a suspension bike is not necessary. Riding outside of the Park, however, may call for a bike with suspension. Just about any type of bike can be used to enjoy the scenery.

The Sacramento River is one of California's best technical rivers for kayaking. Tauhindauli Park offers a great kayaking port. This allows kayakers an easy take-off right on to the river. The stretch of river that flows through the Park is fairly calm and considered a Level 2 difficulty. Kayaking can be enjoyed year-round at the Park. The Sacramento River is also one of the best rivers in California on which to raft and canoe. The stretch of river that flows through Tauhindauli Park is ideal for both. About a half mile down the river, it picks up to a Level 4 difficulty. Rafting and canoeing are just a couple of ways to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Park.

The Upper Sacramento River offers a wide variety of great swimming opportunities. Tauhindauli Park has a swimming hole that people of all ages can enjoy. The swimming hole is located in the northeast section of the Park. This area of the river is roughly seven feet deep in the summer. The swimming hole in Tauhindauli Park is safe and fun and just one way to enjoy the river.

Tauhindauli Park has great access to the Sacramento River. The Park will soon have a handicapped fishing access. This will allow people of all ages and abilities access to fish on the Sacramento. The Park also has a fishing trail that runs along the riverís edge making it easy to fish up and down the river. The fishing regulations for the section of river that runs through the Park are the regulations that stretch from Scarlet Way Bridge down to Soda Springs. The regulations are posted in the Park and may change from year to year. Always check first.

Some great running and walking trails run through Tauhindauli Park. The multiuse trail can be used for either running or walking, as can Upper Soda Springs Road. In the future, a run/walk trail might extend to the City Park. But for now, the existing trails within the Park can be used to enjoy a scenic view and experience the peace and quiet of the Park and Sacramento River.

The picnic areas in the Park are complete with barbeque grills. With a perfect view of the mountain and Castle Crags, these areas are ideal for an outdoor get-together. Whether you're enjoying a meal or just the scenery, Tauhindauli Park and Trail is a great place to visit.


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